Portroids: Portroid of Rick DeMint


Although it's been over ten years since I purchased a hip hop record, I still chose to be immortalized in portroid form striking a pose reminiscent of that time in my life - a time when my baggy XXL clothes hung loosely from my emaciated frame like a fat man's excess flesh six months after gastric bypass surgery.

My music tastes may have shifted, but my attitude is still "dope".

In case you haven't yet guessed, I , Rick DeMint, am the man behind the curtain, the puppeteer above the marionette, the master of this web, the cameraman all up in your grill, and the monster under your bed (the monster clause is non-negotiable). I pop your 'roid and get your autograph and then post it online for all* to see. (* 'all', in this scenario, pretty much means the ten people who know this website exists)

This is portroid #2 and is one of two portroids not taken by me. The artist here is Carl Tanner Jr., a true genius at work. This was taken on a weekend trip to Seattle, wherein Erica and I stayed at Alex's apartment. There were other portroids taken at Alex's apartment that weekend, but I leave it up to you to find them. Life is more fun when scavenger hunts are involved (note: we did not engage in any scavenger hunts when visiting Seattle, but we had fun nonetheless).

I'd like to tell you more about myself, but I won't.

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